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The Next Billion & Impact

We believe that technology is uniquely capable of delivering impact at scale.  ​We invest in companies building digital solutions that address a large and pressing need in emerging markets.

Our areas of focus include:


Digital Inclusion
Leveraging digital channels to better distribute essential goods and services.

Gender Lens
Helping scale companies and products that empower women

Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy

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Financial Inclusion
Closing the banking and credit gap via digital financial services

MSME Productivity
Increasing productivity through software and other digital tools

Health & Education
Expanding digital access for underserved populations

Enhancing impact and mitigating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks are an essential part of our philosophy and investment strategy.

Impact and ESG analysis are integrated throughout our investment process:


Evaluate digital business models for commercial and impact potential and assess ESG risks.

Prioritize high-impact and low-ESG-risk models for selection.



Review commercial and impact KPIs of potential investee companies as part of due diligence process.

Assess ESG risks in detail and create action plans to mitigate as needed.


Value Creation

Measure and monitor KPIs and identified ESG risks.

Work with portfolio companies to maximize impact and minimize risk by sharing global best practices.

One flagship fund, Next Billion Digital Growth I, SLP (DGF I), meets the characteristics of a product qualified as Article 9 by the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

An Article 9 fund is a fund that has sustainable investment as its objective.  Sustainable investments are defined in the SFDR as any of the followi

  • Investments in economic activities that contribute to an environmental objective;

  • Investments in economic activities that contribute to a social objective and in particular an investment that contributes to tackling inequality, an investment fostering social cohesion, social integration or labor relations; and

  • Investments in human capital or economically or socially disadvantaged communities;

provided that such investments do not significantly harm any of those objectives and that the investee companies follow good governance practices, in particular with respect to sound management structures, employee relations, remuneration of staff and tax compliance. 

As an Article 9 product, DGF I is committed to invest in economic activities that contribute to a social objective, provided that they respect the above-mentioned criteria.

Below is a document explaining how the sustainable investment objective will be attained.

Investment and operating policies aligned with:

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